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I will be taking the NAPLEX exam only. Which course is the right one for me? Show Answer

The NAPLEX / CPJE Clinical Pharmacy course (Live, Online or Bundle):

This is a 56-hour comprehensive, purely Clinical Pharmacy course  focusing on NAPLEX® and Clinical pharmacy portion of CPJE (No Law lectures).  The lectures with the accompanying course books are very comprehensive and no other review material will be needed. All NAPLEX topics including Calculations, Bio-Statistics, Patient Profiles, Labs,........  are covered (See a list o all Topics on the Live or Online Course page). Our students rely on our course as their sole source of study for the Pharmacy boards and they do very well.


Will the course help me with CPJE, NAPLEX® or both? Show Answer

The NAPLEX / CPJE Clinical Pharmacy Course (Live or Online) focuses on NAPLEX® and Clinical Pharmacy portion of CPJE. If you are taking NAPLEX, this will be the only course you need.

If you are preparing for CPJE, in addition to the Clinical pharmacy course, you will also need the CA Law Online Course to cover the Law portion of CPJE (A separate 4-hour Online course).

Can I sign up for the Online course after completing the Live course? Show Answer

After completing the Live course, if you decide to purchase the Online course, you can email us and upon verification, you will be able to purchase the Online course for a discounted price (plus the cost of new review books if required.) The discount is applicable for up to 12 months after the Live course attendance date.

I will be taking the CPJE exam only. Which course is the right one for me? Show Answer

CPJE students Students benefit from the NAPLEX / CPJE Clinical Pharmacy course (Live, Online or Bundle) to study the clinical portion of CPJE and the CA Law Online course (Online Only) for the Law portion of that exam. 

How often are Live Courses held? Show Answer

Approximately 4 times a year.

Are the courses held in any other locations? Show Answer

Live Courses are held mostly in Southern California. About 50 - 60% of students travel from other states to attend the Live course. The online course is a video library of all lectures and is available for students who cannot attend the live courses.

How long after the course should I take the exam? Show Answer

 For recent U.S graduates with an average knowledge base, it takes about 4-8 weeks of studying after the lectures to be prepared. 

Other students, i.e:  Non-recent graduates, foreign graduates, working students, students with history of failed attempt(s), or any combination of the above, preparation may take longer. 

P4 students:  With an emphasis on clinical pharmacy, the course exposes you to clinical / hospital pharmacy you encounter during APPE rotations. This will help you "stand out"  which will be of tremendous help for obtaining effective letters of recommendation and residency positions. You will do well on any clinical setting including your rotations and the boards.

Can I re-attend the lectures a second time right before my exam? Show Answer

Re-sitting lectures:  Some students attend lectures a second time before taking their boards Re-sitting discount is applicable for up to 12 months after the last course attendance. Students wishing to re-sit for the lectures must bring a valid Driver's License for verification. 

Can I access the online course from different locations? Show Answer

After registration, students who need to access the online course from a new location via a new internet IP address will be asked to verify the credit card information used initially to register for the course. This is for verification purposes only and the credit card will NOT be charged a second time. Sharing online access is illegal and will result in legal action & termination of service without a refund.

Can I download the lecture videos? Show Answer

No. Video Lectures can be viewed only via streaming through high speed Internet.