About the course

Course Structure: 


  • LECTURES: 80 hours of high-yield board prep lectures - LIVE or ONLINE - focusing on NAPLEX® and the Clinical portion of the California exam. This clinical pharmacy course does NOT include any Law lectures.

  • COURSE BOOK: 700 pages following the lectures slide by slide; focused and to the point.

  • QUESTION BANK: Clinical Pharmacy 2500+ online question bank - Each video lecture is followed by practice questions and explanations to solidify what you have learned. The questions are formatted to include patient profiles, fill-in-the-blank calculations, and standard multiple choice questions. 

  • SUPPORT: Dr. Yavari and Dr. Miremadi's assistance via email with your NAPLEX® and CPJE questions throughout your preparation. 

CA LAW Course: 6.5 hours of Online Video CA Law Lectures plus the accompanying 100-page CA LAW booklet and 180 practice questions.

Time frame for preparation:  

For recent U.S graduates first time takers with an average knowledge base, it takes about 6-8 weeks of full-time studying after watching the lectures to be prepared. 

Other students, i.e: students with history of failed attempt(s), non-recent graduates, foreign graduates, working students, or any combination of the above, preparation may take longer. The length of time depends on the student.

For graduation candidates: Starting rotations with a strong clinical background has two major advantages:  1. With an emphasis on clinical pharmacy, the course exposes you to what you will encounter during hospital rotations. Naturally, you will do well in any clinical setting, including your rotations and the boards. 2. Knowing hospital pharmacy before starting rotations will help any student stand out. This is of tremendous help for obtaining effective letters of recommendation and residency positions.


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