PassNaplexNow believes that teaching excellence is the key to student success. We take great pride in the fact that our students have success after taking our extensive course. 

Goldie, I passed my Naplex. I am super excited to write this email to you. I would always dream of writing this email to you like other fellows would do. PNN quiz banks were amazing. The 7 days live session put me on track I made hundreds of flashcards while listening to you during live seminar and kept reviewing them. Thank you for providing this platform.

The preparation process for this exam is exhausting, nerve-wracking, and you would fall one hundred times mentally. Don't let your moods/fears define your today's study task. Keep going with all your anxieties. Keep quizzing and reviewing your notes even if you don't feel like it because your brain would still process that information. I did it with all my fears/ anxiety. And it's ok to feel overwhelmed, especially during the first few months of studying.
Want to see you all pass this exam.
Thank you Goldie and Ali for being my Mentor
I still did a lot of questions wrong and I passed.

Tanzila Bashir

- Tanzila Bashir, VA

Good morning Dr. Yavari and Dr. Miremadi,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I wish I could hug you both right now. It is with great pleasure to inform you I passed Naplex. This was my fourth attempt. Before using PNN I used what was offered by my school, RxPrep. Not only was I going through several different personal things in my life for my first three attempts but I also couldn’t learn with the sources provided. I reached out to my school for advice. They recommended for me to use PNN.
I waited some time between my third failed and fourth attempt.
I watched the videos several times, attended live courses (life changer), and completed the quizzes.
Dr. Miremadi you helped me bring my calculations up to a level 1. Just like you said it’s all about practice, practice, practice. Thank you again.
Dr. Yavari all of your mnemonics were very helpful. I could hear your voice sometimes during the exam.
Every detail both of you taught in the videos and live course prepared me to pass naplex now.

Thank you,
Mandy Moncayo

- Mandy Moncayo, Florida

I am writing to inform you that I passed NAPLEX from my very first time ! As a foreign pharmacist I do have to recognize how useful the PNN live course has been and how much insight into the exam it gives. I was part of the January live class and couldn’t be more grateful for you and Dr. Miremadi answering all our questions during the 7 days. I took the exam while being 35 weeks pregnant and I won’t lie I didn’t always feel as focused. But not giving up , always trying to switch between the book and the videos when I felt stuck, and repetition has been number one on my list. I went through the videos at least twice, some chapters even 3 times.
I think attending the live course after going through the book and videos twice really filled in the blanks and connected the missing pieces! I truly appreciate what PNN is doing for their students and the strong community it creates for us to continue helping each other.

Thank you for helping me achieve one of my biggest dreams!


Andra Giallousis

- Andra Giallousis, MI

Greetings Dr. Yavari and Dr. Miremadi,

Hope this email finds you both well. I just wanted to let you know that I PASSED Naplex. I still can’t believe it! I’m so happy and want to thank you both for everything, and for your encouraging words. This was my second attempt but it was first time taking PNN. I’ve been months preparing, watching all the videos, rewatching them and doing all the quizzes. Repetition was key for me, but also I took twice the live course and the second time it helped me to regain my confidence because I could see that I retained the information from the first time and that I was actually learning. Regarding the math questions on the test were very easy to understand thanks to Dr. Miremadi explanation and advice of practice everyday. I truly believe that your course and how you guys explained everything made a great difference in how I could learn. Thank you both for helping us believe in ourselves and see that is possible, and thank you, Dr. Yavari, for the great energy you always had that it’s contagious.

Taíra N. Acevedo

- Taíra N. Acevedo, PR

Hello Dr. Yavari,

I am writing to inform you that I passed my Naplex!! I wanted to thank you for helping me come up with a study plan to keep up with the material. Your lecture videos were SO MUCH MORE HELPFUL!!! I really wished my pharmacy school supplied us with PNN subscriptions from the start, but I’m so glad that I took the advice of my peers’ and used this learning platform. I loved the format of the course book in PowerPoint form. It was so much easier to follow!! I also loved how you thoroughly went over the material in the lectures and used acronyms to help us remember. I can still hear you saying some of them to this day!!! I felt way more prepared going into my exam this second time after watching the lectures and using the PNN qbank. I also feel the chart book is VERY helpful for retention on the go! (I used to use it at work for quick review). Once again, thank you for all you do and please don’t ever stop!!! Future pharmacists’ careers depend on YOU!!!

My advice is for other students is to WATCH ALL OF THE LECTURE VIDEOS and follow along in the course book, do math every day (even just for 30 minutes), take the qbanks and DO ALL OF THE QUESTIONS, and lastly, repetition is KEY!! I am forever grateful for the little chart book because I was able to bring it to work and study on my downtime. Thank you so much again!! If it wasn’t for PNN, I would not have passed. I wish I could hug you!! Thank you so much for all you do!!!


Naomi Dubose

- Naomi Dubose, Louisiana

Hello Dr. Yavari and Dr. Miremadi -

I know you get notes of thanks every day. And, they always feel good I'm sure. I wanted to share that I am another super success story. I graduated with my PharmD in 2000!! I completed clinical residency and worked for a few years (2.5!) before my family was relocated to California. I got pregnant with my second child shortly after moving and then a few short years later, a third. I couldn't reconcile getting back to work while raising my family at the time, although I have HUGE admiration for those women who can feel successful doing both simultaneously. In 2013, I bought a NAPLEX review book and tried to put just 1 hour aside each day or night to study. It didn't work. I kept putting myself to sleep.

Fast forward to early 2023, when I finally had the impetus to get myself together. Thank GOD for PNN!!! I will never forget speaking with you Goldie on the phone back in April. Somehow, you were "speaking my language". In that very brief call, you gave me the belief that I COULD do it. I took the summer and committed myself to studying full time. My kids had to see me put the work in and had to understand how important this was for me.

The class medium with video lectures I could listen to anywhere. anytime and as often as I needed worked perfectly for my learning style. And having the Live portion to hold me accountable was also key. I'm so, SO proud to say that I PASSED NAPLEX and CPJE on my first try! (you really can teach an old dog new tricks).

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can't imagine more perfect people to help all of us through this process. You are both so clearly knowledgeable and caring. For students and patients alike. I could NOT have done this without your instruction and support.

My advice for students is to make a schedule and stick to it. And, for me, it was listening to the lectures ALL The Time. It really helped me to listen over and over. I picked stuff up later that I didn't even "hear" the first few times. I don't know how many times I listened to the lectures exactly but it was A LOT!

Thank you again with all my heart. I hope our paths cross again in the future...I would love to meet you and hug you in person.

K DeMarco, PharmD

- K DeMarco, California

Hello Dr. Goldie,

I PASSED my NAPLEX. I just got the results this morning. I just wanna thank you guys so much. Spending that much money to purchase your live course plus book was the best decision I’ve ever taken. When I sat this second attempt for the NAPLEX, I heard your voice in my head. I was so confident in my exams. I even got scared when I finished the exams because I thought most questions were so easy this time for me. Dr. Miremadi built my confidence in maths. I had a lot of diabetes questions, especially maths questions and I felt so confident when I was solving them.

My advice to those who are still taking the exams is to study every day. Let them play videos even while they’re using the restroom or even cooking. I literally would repeat everything you said even before you asked the questions in the videos. Thank you guys so much.
I’ll miss hearing Leflunomide—Looonnngggg half life lol.

God bless you guys!!

- Ebune Ruth - Colorado

Hi Dr. Yavari!

I found out that I passed both the NAPLEX and CPJE on my first attempt, and I wanted to thank both you and Dr. Miremadi very much. I only used PNN to study, and it was an incredible resource; all of the information I needed for the exams were included in the books/videos. I thought that the clinical portion of the NAPLEX was relatively easy, and I owe it all to your guys’ help. You really do have a way of making the information easier to digest and retain.

As for advice, repetition is truly key. It’s important to take time to understand the concepts and the details presented throughout the videos/book. You should know all of the information that’s bolded/emphasized. Keep repeating all of the topics at least 2-4 times. Also, it’s really important to cover all chapters in the book because there is no real emphasis on one particular section on the exam. All of the topics are equally as important. & of course, do all of the quiz questions multiple times until you’re scoring at least 85%+.

Thank you again :)

Best regards,
Arineh Abram

- Arineh Abram - Glendale, CA

I just want to let you know that I passed NAPLEX😃🎉Thank you so much Dr. Ali and Dr. Goldie for all your help and advice. The videos, question bank and the live course are more than enough to pass.
My advice to other students is to stay focused and believe in yourself. Take some days off from work if you are working, and delete all the apps that distract you. Watch the videos, take notes, do the question bank, and definitely take the 7-day live course. I actually think that without the live course, I would never pass NAPLEX!!

Again thank you so much for all your help.

Zeinab Al Khayat, MA

- Zeinab Al Khayat, MA

Good morning,
Dr. Goldie

I am sharing exciting news with you that I passed my Naplex. I studied PNN videos along with books for 3 months and passed. I am very, very thankful to Dr. Goldie and Dr. Miremadi. I watched videos many times, and that really helped me to understand and retain the information that you highlighted during lectures. PNN is a great resource.

Advice for 2023 graduates is to study Math every day for 2 hours. Studying each and every chapter carefully helps overall with answering questions, and the Labs chapter is very important in understanding patients' cases. Knowing the diagnosis part is another add-on.

Repetition is definitely the key to success.
Shachee Amin

- Shachee Amin, FL

Hello Dr. Yavari and Dr. Miremadi,

I would like to thank you both for all your help, tips, mnemonics, broken down explanations, and most importantly your time. I took the NAPLEX twice before I discovered Pass NAPLEX Now. I can say I was extremely nervous and anxious about taking it a third time. So, I ended up attending a lot of your live courses...three to be exact...queue the laugh emoji. But, it was well worth it and I can say I FINALLY DID IT, I PASSED! (Ignore the fact I skipped the last day of the course to take my exam, lol.)

- Alex, New Hampshire

Dear Dr. Ali and Goldie,

I hope you guys are doing well. I just wanted to let you know I passed my NAPLEX and could pay for my license. Your LIVE COURSE IS A LIFESAVER. Most of the questions in my exam were covered during the class. Thank you for all your support and help. Thank you, Goldie, for always being ready to support us. You guys are amazing! I can’t thank you guys enough! My advice for other students is to take your live course before their exams and practice calculations every single day. You guys are doing a great job preparing what we need to succeed.

Best regards,


- Melica Kashani - California

Good morning Doctors!
I’m writing to share the greatest news which is a turning point in every pharmacy student’s life.
I am extremely grateful for the knowledge I got from PNN. My whole approach towards the pharmacy was transformed in August 2021 when I first attended your live course.
I put all other resources aside and literally re-programmed my mind following PNN. I had no idea what I was doing wrong before attending the PNN course despite scoring > 80% in quizzes of another major & popular resource. PNN gave me direction, knowledge, and the way to approach cases.
I have not received a detailed report however my Pre-Naplex score was 119 a week before the test, and that gave me more confidence to go ahead and attempt the test.
In the end, again, a bundle of thanks to Dr. Yavari & Dr. Miremadi for everything you do for students like me. I had originally graduated a decade ago from another country. Everything has changed ever since, my country, my education & of course whatever I had studied-either forgotten or changed.
I feel like PNN is the answer to prayers.

Thank you PNN & Doctors!
Warm regards
Mutahir Niaz

- Mutahir Niaz, New York

Hi Goldie and Dr Ali
This is Sujatha, I just want to share with you that I passed Naplex and thank you very much for the classes what you offered me and helping in my success.
Thank you,
Sujatha Parepalli

- Sujatha Parepalli, Maryland

Good Afternoon Goldie,

Happy Friday! I just wanted to let you know the good news! I passed both NAPLEX (8/31/21) and CPJE(10/16/21) on my first try. The Bootcamp has helped me tremendously and the outstanding customer service provided by your team helped ease my anxiety. As a new mom with so many things going on and distractions that took away my attention from studying, I’m so grateful to you and Dr. Miremadi for the help & assurance you provided when the test anxiety started to kick in.


- Mary Grace Jasmine Pierce, California

My name is Pilar A. Q. I don't know if you remember me but I wanted to let you, Dr. Goldie, and Dr. Ali know that I passed my NAPLEX thanks to your live course and all the helpful tips you provided for me. I can never thank you enough for all your help.
I had taken many other courses but wasn't able to apply my knowledge in the exam and ended up failing the test four times. This was my last chance to pass the NAPLEX and thanks to your teachings and helpful tips I was able to finally pass. Words can't describe how grateful I am to have met you.
I wish you both the best in this world.

Pilar A. Q, Pharm.D.

- Pilar A. Q, PR

Hi Dr. Yavari,

I wanted to let you know I passed CPJE with a score of 89!! I am so happy and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for speaking to me and encouraging me when I was at my lowest point. Thank you for all you do.

Dolly Mehta

- Dolly Mehta, California


This is Joel Hindy. Not sure if you remember me from August. Well, I took my NAPLEX the week of Thanksgiving and I've been meaning to email and say thank you. Your program is so user and student-friendly.



- Joel Hindy, Ohio

Dear Dr. Goldie,
I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the study materials you provided, which played a significant role in helping me achieve a score in the 90s on the CPJE. As a mother of two, working full-time in the hospital, your resources were invaluable in enabling me to effectively balance my responsibilities and succeed in my exam preparation.
Your study materials were comprehensive, well-organized, and tailored specifically to the exam's content. Despite my busy schedule, I was able to utilize your materials efficiently, thanks to their user-friendly format and accessibility.
Being a working mother, time management was crucial for me. Your online platform allowed me to access the study materials at my convenience, whether it was during my lunch break or after putting my children to bed.
I would also like to commend your exceptional customer service. Whenever I had questions or needed clarification, you promptly responded with detailed and helpful answers. Your support and guidance were invaluable, especially during moments when I felt overwhelmed by my multiple responsibilities.
I am truly grateful for your dedication to helping individuals like me and the fortunate students that have the opportunity to utilize your course achieve their goals.

Some tips to future CPJE test takers:
1. Familiarize yourself with the exam format: Start by understanding the structure and content of the CPJE, considering how different this test is from the NAPLEX. Review the CA BOP Bulletin for their sample test and google past bulletins for additional practice questions, becoming familiar with the style of questions asked. As I was going through your material, I would think, how could this be a CPJE style question?
2. Repetition! Plan to watch/read all lectures at least twice. If you are a full-time working mom like myself, utilize any free time available (ie. Lunch breaks, commute to and from work, after the kiddos go to bed, etc.) Then re-review sections that you need more help with (ie. infectious disease, HIV, anticoagulation, etc.) as many times as it takes to feel confident in the material. I also read through the concise CHARTS book several times.
3. Invest in high-quality study materials, like PassNaplexNow, that are specifically designed for the CPJE. These resources provide the most efficient way to absorb the material. When I was a new grad many moons ago, I used RxPrep for the Naplex and from my honest and humble opinion PNN was far superior in its ability to help me retain both the clinical and law material.
4. Stay motivated, maintain a positive mindset, and believe in your abilities. Study like this will be the hardest test you will ever take.

Thank you so much, Dr. Yavari and Dr. Miremadi!


- Kim, California

PassNaplexNow is the complete package of dedication, excellence, and resources for all students who are looking for the product that will enhance their success in the NAPLEX exam. Throughout the course, Dr. Goldie was there to answer my questions and provide the necessary tools to succeed in the NAPLEX Exam. PassNaplexNow question banks ( Quizzes/ Practice Exam) are a true resemblance to the actual NAPLEX examination. PNN's 7 days live course is an icebreaker for students. I learned and understood most of the NAPLEX materials during this time. I will always be grateful to the PNN team.

Thank you all.
Barun Dhakal. MBA, Pharm D, Rph.

- Barun Dhakal. MBA, Pharm D, Rph. Minnesota

I just wanted to let everyone who is considering this class know that the professional instruction you get from this class is worth every penny. I scored a 117 and 86 on the NAPLEX and CPJE, respectively. Besides prepping you for the exams, this instruction prepares you to be a better healthcare provider overall. Goldie and Ali- well I just can't say enough good things about these two. Passionate. Knowledgeable. Intuitive. I could go on and on. PassNaplexNow is a top notch educational experience that will not disappoint the serious student.

- Woodie Woodard, Carlsbad, California

After hundreds of lab practicals, pop quizzes, live patient encounters, and written examinations, one would assume that pharmacy school students would be overly prepared to take the NAPLEX. The problem is some pharmacy schools encourage students to compartmentalize information by learning information for the examination at hand and then again for a final; therefore, no other application occurs throughout the semester. Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way after not passing my NAPLEX. I exhausted my resources in order to pass (or so I thought): took the Pre-NAPLEX (made a high, passing score), read the 1300-page book that was promoted by my pharmacy school, and attended my school’s review session. After not passing my NAPLEX, I was crushed! I thought that after four gruesome years in pharmacy school that my dream of becoming a pharmacist would not happen. Fortunately, I found PassNAPLEXNow! This course is and was worth EVERY penny! Goldie and Ali ‘get it.’ They realize what’s missing in today’s pharmacy school teaching…information organization and application. After attending their class in California, I read their study books and my lecture notes over and over. Next, I did the recommended online quizzes sent by Ali. The next time that I took the NAPLEX, I was prepared for battle, and I PASSED with flying colors! I am so thankful for Ali, Goldie, and the PassNAPLEXNow program! With their help, I am a more confident and knowledgeable LICENSED pharmacist!!

- E.E., Nashville, Tennessee

Dear Ms. G. Yavari, Mr. A. Miremadi and the whole team of PassNAPLEXNow. I would love to thank you for providing great tools and materials to students to help pass the NAPLEX and CPJE. Today I found out that I passed the NAPLEX.
After I graduated from pharmacy school in Russia, in 1987, I practiced only in retail pharmacy there and later in Ukraine.
I later moved to the United States where I worked as a pharmacy tech in retail as well. Pretty much with zero clinical experience except a few months of internship locally in Alaska I went to California for February's live course and found out that it was the most useful tool from the many that I tried before. With Goldie's energy, Ali's wisdom and great knowledge from both of them, it was the best boost of confidence and knowledge - it worked for me. To Goldie and Ali; thank you, again. It was a pleasure meeting both of you during the live course.
And to my fellow students, never give up, try again and again and use trustworthy sources for your preparations. The PNN is the best one that worked for me.I wish you good luck.
Irina Robinson
Anchorage Alaska

- Irina Robinson, Anchorage, Alaska

My name is Sassan, As a foreign graduate, the anxiety of taking a major US exam was mounting. The process was intimidating; I took this class and I beat both exams taking each one only once. I honestly had no idea how to study and where to start. Before I started this course, all I had in hand was a thick textbook with thousands of impossible-to-memorize information which was useless. In contrast, the PassNAPLEXnow course book along with the notes I took in class, were both surprisingly summarized, free from redundancy, and held valuable information. Those notes became my bible and helped tremendously for the tests. Aside from that, the teaching method was something I never expected. I was able to memorize and understand a ton of test materials in class--which showed up on the test.
Thank you so much Goldie and Ali and I wish the best for you guys in your life.

- Sassan Nedjati, Los Angeles, California

My name is Joe Decker and I attended your course in June. I wanted to let you know that thanks to you, I've passed both the Naplex and CPJE exams! I've been a practicing pharmacist in New York for 26 years and had a lot of catching up to do in order to prepare. Your course was invaluable and I doubt I could have done it without your help! Thank you very, very much!

- Joe Drecker, Dryden, NY

Dear Goldie and Dr. Ali!
My name is Lana and I am from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I took your amazing course in October, and took the Naplex in November. Needless to say, I scored a 118! (I failed the first time in July with a 74). I have been a practicing pharmacist with CVS ever since! You cannot imagine how much your class saved me and not only that, led me to become the pharmacist I am today. In my daily practice, I do not remember what my professors in college taught, I remember what I learned in those 5 days with you. I cannot begin to express my gratitute toward both of you. My trip to California was one of the best experiences for me. I will forever treasure it. Thank you so much, again!!! I also really appreciate the updates, as I am forever trying to learn more.
Warmest Best Regards, L.V., Pharm.D.

- L.V., Florida

I am writing this to let anyone who feels not so confident about CPJE know about this course. I graduated last year and was never able to work as an official pharmacist until now. I had been studying materials by other board prep courses since then and failed CPJE twice. I was introduced to PassNAPLEXnow through a friend who had taken their course. They were super wonderful and explained things in a way that finally made sense. After taking their course, I was confident again to take the exam on Oct 7th of this year. During the exam I realized that whatever they are teaching you during lectures, you will see on your exam one way or another. Lectures are comprehensive and extremely helpful to pass the exam AND I DID. You guys helped my dream come true. Thank you.

- Danggiao Phan, California

I came across PassNAPLEXnow about 8 months ago and I wish I had registered for the course then. I wasted my time and money on other courses and after failing the boards twice and 6 months later, I finally registered for the passnaplexnow course and not only I passed but my score almost doubled from 64 to 115. The course fee along with the travel expenses cost me a lot, but the price of losing 6 months of lost income as a registered pharmacist was certainly a lot more. These guys know what they are doing and I am very appreciative. Thank you Goldie and Ali.

- AR., Arizona

Dear Goldie and Ali: I passed my Naplex today. As you know, it has been 20 years since I left the profession and now returning to practice. You know my journey has been complicated to even get to this stage. I really want to express my gratitude and my praise for the both you. Your teaching method and the information you provided has been consistent to what I had got on the exam. Words cannot express how my family and I feel but please know this.... you changed our lives for a better future.

- D.C. Patel, Connecticut

The task of the excellent teacher is to stimulate "apparently ordinary" people to unusual effort. The tough problem is not in identifying winners: it is in making winners out of ordinary people. This quotation suits best for Ali and Goldie. Hello Guys this is Himanshu, a student who attended PassNAPLEXnow 5-day course after failing NAPLEX. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. I passed NAPLEX after taking the course and scored pretty well.
This course gives you detailed information about pharmacology and drug related information. The course material is updated according to changes in exam patterns. The course definitely boosts your confidence, which is essential for taking this exam. Their method of teaching helps students understand and retain all the information needed to pass NAPLEX. They enable students to understand the concept behind drug interactions and side effects and make them memorize in such a way that they cannot forget those fundamentals throughout their lifetime. So with that said, I would like to thank Goldie and Ali very much for helping me reach my goal. Thank you very much.

- Himanshu, New Mexico

I want to thank Dr. Ali Miremadi and Goldie Yavari for helping me pass my NAPLEX exam. This is my second take. My 1st take was merely a mistake for I was not prepared. I worked full time and I didn’t review much thinking it was easy. But I was wrong, and I had a hard time answering the questions especially since I came from a different country and I didn't expect that exam would be asked like that. So results came up and expectedly I fail. So I said to myself, the next time I will take the exam, I’ll make an effort to attend a review for NAPLEX. So I tried to search for the best review center where I can be able to learn in such a way I will not get bored. Then the pharmacist I am working with referred PNN. When I was about to enroll I’m kind of hesitant because of the travel expenses but I said if they can make me pass, why not. So I enrolled and attended immediately. During lecture proper I found it really lively, in such a way I learned and at the same time I’m not bored with the lectures. Their way of teaching made the topics retained to my mind in which I did not forget. Learning made me confident that I will pass the exam for I know that I am equipped with the knowledge necessary to pass the exam and this is not only applicable for the exams but for practical use also in any healthcare setting or even on practical everyday use. Also, I must say that the venue was perfect, we didn't have to worry where we are going to eat for there are several places that we could choose from. I can say that the coaches in Pass Naplex Now are very dedicated in helping students pass, for making it happen. Like what was advised by them, I only focused on my lecture notes and two books that were included in the package, I didn't even bother to check on other reference books because I felt that the notes are more than enough of what I should know with regards to the exam and I don't want to create confusion to myself. The books were perfectly summarized.
On the day of my exam, I was anxious but I know I can pass for PNN already molded me to become the next US RPh, after the 185th question, the computer stopped and relieved it was over, hoping that I did make it. After few days, it was confirmed, I passed, I am now a US RPh!! The experience with Pass Naplex Now is very rewarding, not only they helped me make it happen but I gained so much more than what I expected.. More than just passing my exams. This experience will be truly cherished for the rest of my life.
More power to the Pass Naplex Now family.May you continue to be a blessing to others like me.

- M. Magallanes, Murrieta, California

Dear Ali and Goldie,
I am writing to show my appreciation and gratitude for helping me to get through the important part of my life journey.
I am a foreign graduate and took your live course and registered for online videos as well with PassNAPLEXnow.
While taking the exam, I realized that every piece of information you gave us or discussed during the live course was valuable and helped me to pass NAPLEX and CPJE with very high grades. I took the recent version of the Naplex and passed with a three digit score.
The materials are straight to the point and live and online courses are both very helpful.
As a foreign graduate of many years ago, almost all of the information regarding drugs were new to me, and you helped me to pass exams and most important to learn all I need in order to perform as a pharmacist.
I highly recommend your course to the pharmacy students and foreign graduates.
Thank you.
Best regards.

- Fatemeh T, California

Hi Everyone:
I have passed both Naplex and CPJE exams. Materials that I used were only passNAPLEXnow lectures and the accompanying course books, some practice tests from different sources and the Weismann Law book. My main focus was passNAPLEXnow lecture material and the two books. I graduated pharmacy school more than ten years ago and attending the passNAPLEXnow course was one of the best decisions I made. This course will not only prepare you for the test, but I think it is useful in everyday pharmacy work. I don’t think I would have passed both tests without attending the course. It was a long journey for me, taking the FPGEE, the TOFEL, completing 1500 internship hours, and finally taking Naplex and CPJE. For those who are struggling to pass any of the tests, I would say never give up. If I can do it while raising three small children anyone can do it. When you study never leave any topic out. Every test is different and you will have to change strategy to pass each one. I truly appreciate all their help and support. I encourage all those who are planning to take these two tests to consider attending their course. I am very glad that I did. Good luck to everyone and please don’t give up.

- Sayed Hashemi, Oakland, California

To Goldie and Ali,
I just wanted to take this moment to say thank you so much for all of your help. I experience a very difficult time period of not being able to pass the NAPLEX exam. Until I finally found out about PassNaplexNow. I went many nights of studying for many many months after finally passing my exam on the 3rd try.
I cannot thank Goldie and Ali anymore for all of their understanding, patience and compassion towards what I was going through. Although I could not afford the live class, having invested in the online course with the textbook and videos, I feel that is what helped me succeed with being able to pass this exam. Again, thank you for all of your help and I would recommend PassNaplexNow to anyone that feels they are about to give up. Don't give up! Always fight the good fight and in the end, you will be the one standing victorious!!


- M.B - Florida

My name is Theresa Davidson. I am a Foreign Pharmacy graduate since 1982. I learned about Pass Naplex from a friend that is already a pharmacist and a former student of PassNaplexnow. You guys helped me understand everything. When I came back to my town (San Ramon), I started studying 10 to 14 hours everyday.... I got the result last week and I passed. Thank You Goldie and Ali.

- Theresa Davidson, San Ramon, California

Hello guys, this is Jhansi, a lucky student who attended Ali and Goldie's 5 day course upon a friend's suggestion after failing NAPLEX. I am thanking them from the bottom of my heart.- passed NAPLEX after taking the course and CPJE the first time.
After taking the course realized that it is worth every penny, as many students have mentioned here; it is like condensed 3 yrs (excluding rotations) of Pharm.D in 5 days :)
Being a foreign graduate,needed some exam taking tips (i.e. in US) and thorough knowledge of pharmacology especially clinical;material was really helpful for NAPLEX and extremely helpful for CPJE (for some reason I felt CPJE was easier than NAPLEX).
Fantastic job done by both Ali with pathology and Goldie with pharmacology. First I was wondering,how could I survive 10 hours a day,as my attention span is only for 45 mins :) and need a break after that but instructors made the classes very interesting, lively and fun. Didn't get bored even for a minute. It is really nice of them to provide refreshments,I really enjoyed them :) The extra material they have is very helpful, you can have a snapshot of the whole chapter in one sheet. You can recollect very easily,which I still do of certain topics.
The course definitely boosts your confidence,which is essential for taking these exams. The course material is updated according to changes in exam patterns.
I have become a mini ambassador for PNN to all my friends and acquaintances :) passing the good. Like a circle, the instructors are doing good to all the students and making them great pharmacists and goodness goes back to them. I wish them health,happiness and prosperity.
Take care and Goodluck to everyone and Yes you can-NEVER give up,believe in yourself :) Taking the course isn't enough,you have to study hard too;course makes it an easier task to achieve.

- Jhansi Yedluri, California

I am a foreign graduate pharmacist. I would like to let everyone know what a wonderful course Ali and Goldie have designed that helped me tremendously in my preparations to become a pharmacist in this country. Not only are Goldie and Ali two wonderful people, they are professionals who are very passionate about their job and are willing to help every single student in the classroom to better understand and digest the material. One would think that a Five-day course is not enough to prepare for NAPLEX, however, I would like to assure you that the information you get from the course condensed in five days is enough to help you pass the test. The lectures are clear, concise, and to the point. I believe that the course is a must-take for both future pharmacists as well as current pharmacists who want to have up-to-date information on new drugs that enter the market on an almost daily basis. Thank you very much dear Goldie and Ali!!!!!

- Margarita Khlghatyan, California

Passnaplexnow was an excellent review course for me especially having graduated from college a while ago. The instructors were theoretically and practically very sound. During my preparation they were extremely prompt with getting back to me on any questions I had and very diligently clarified any concepts I had doubts on. I was also very inspired by their level of knowledge and understanding, that it made me feel like I have to meet their standards and therefore the motivation to study well. I enjoyed the course very much and while studying i felt very confident and content about what I will need to know as a pharmacist to be, more than just passing the test. I am glad that with the instructors' guidance and backup, I scored pretty well and successfully completed the test as well. My sincere "Thank you" for providing such an opportunity to students with your course.

- Vindhya Meda, Marvin, North Carolina

I am a batch 2001 graduate from the Philippines. I was pessimistic about taking NAPLEX and CPJE. My friend recommended PassNaplexNow and he said it would help me to refresh my memory. All the things that was not clear during pharmacy school was well explained during lectures. I love how Dr. Ali would always draw things like the pathology of CHF. I am amazed by Goldie 's knowledge about pharmacology! I love how she would stress out things in the lecture, she has a unique way how you can remember specific details of a drug. I can say that I learned more in 5 days of lecture compared to 4 years of Pharmacy school. The knowledge that I gain from the lecture didn't only help me with the exams but with my patient counseling as well. PassNaplexNow gave me hope and confidence for me to get ready for the exam and how to be a better pharmacist. I am so grateful for the dedication, support & patience that Ali and Goldie have for their students. And I am giving my support to them and would definitely recommend the lecture to everyone!

- Cherie Lamson, California

Hi, My name is Dixon and I am currently a pharmacist in Dallas, Texas. I had struggled with Naplex for a long time and I almost gave up, but someone told me about PassNaplexnow and I joined the course. This course refreshes everything you have learned and it made me more confident to take the Naplex. Finally I got a good score and suceeded. I would recommend people who are struggling with Naplex to take this course and you will see a difference in your score. PassNaplexnow helped me immensely to achieve my career goals.

- Dixon V, Dallas, Texas

I would like to extend my gratitude to PassNaplexNow team especially Miss Goldie and Mr. Ali. This class teaches you clinical medicine and pharmacy knowledge which is essential for the examination. They are brilliant gurus. They make everything easy for us to understand. When I got back from the class I was confident that I will be doing well and I did. I got a good score. I will recommend PassNAPLEXNow Class to any student who is looking forward to pass the test and become licensed. Thanks again Mr. Ali and Miss Goldie for their great job...Hard to find words to express my gratitude to my beloved teachers.

- Eva Bhattarai R. Ph, Alaska


- Nina K., Texas

I have been a Pharmacist for many years and I needed to be registered as a Pharmacist in California. I had heard horror stories about the new exams. So looked and found passnaplexnow.com website, for the test preparation study, on the internet. And I learned that their program was very clinically oriented and that the instructors were practicing Clinicians, a medical doctor, and an experienced Pharm.D. I signed up and received the study material before the study seminar. I could not believe that I had been out of touch with so many new drug therapies. I studied before the four-day-study seminar and once again after the seminar to memorize. I felt confident and tested myself with the sample questions from the websites of the boards. I took NAPLEX in December and was awarded a scaled score of 124. I did not understand this "scaled score" method but it looked very good to me. Then I took CPJE on January 12 and got 82 as a "scaled sore". I passed honorably and I can not complain because the instructors showed lots of patience with me while helping me understand many new drug therapies. Thank you very much to the staff at passnaplexnow.com

- Amir Ahmed, San Antonio, Texas

I took the Pass NAPLEX Now 4 day course which is taught by two very knowledgeable professionals, Goldie Yavari, Pharm D, and Ali Miremadi, MD. First you may think the tuition fee is high, but as soon as you take the course, you feel like these people are doing you a favor by teaching the course. It's worth much, much more than what it costs. The energy and the willingness they have to help every person in the class is just unbelievable. I am so touched by their friendly approach to every one of us, that I just can't find those super words to express my feelings. I scored 120 on NAPLEX and 85 on CPJE. I would never-never be able to do that without their help. I thank them both VERY-VERY much. If someone wants to make sure they pass these exams they should, with no doubt, take this course. I may even take the class in the future to just update myself as a pharmacist. Thank you dear Goldie and Ali.

- Hasmik Gabakian, California

I would like to share my excellent experience with PassNaplexNow review course. With PassNaplexNow I successfully passed FPGEE, NAPLEX and CPJE. The Course Book is great – straight to the point. Each point in a book is explained in simplified, easy to understand way during 5 days lecture. Any questions you might have are answered in full by instructors in a timely manner. Teachers give you not only outstanding clinical and outpatient knowledge but also motivation to study surrounded by a positive environment. PassNaplexNow is a tremendous support and drive for you to have a solid knowledge. I am a foreign pharmacist, which means that in order for me to become a pharmacist in California I needed to start from scratch. I did not know which books to use and how much material I had to cover. I was lucky enough to find PassNaplexNow course and to meet brilliant teachers, Goldie and Ali who guided me through every step of this difficult process. Moreover, all my friends who took this class with me including those who I met in a course were very happy with the review. I had many teachers throughout my life. All of them had a good knowledge, however, not all of them could teach. Goldie and Ali are the best teachers that I ever had. Ali once said: “If you understand it, this will stay with you for the rest of your life.” I want to express my deepest gratitude toward PassNaplexNow. THANK YOU, you really helped me. I will recommend PassNaplexNow class in a heartbeat to anyone who wants not only to pass FPGEE, NAPLEX or CPJE but also to become a successful pharmacist.

- Tatyana K. Los Angeles, California

Pass NAPLEX Now is a course that will truly help you become a better pharmacist. Not only will it help you pass the boards, it will also make you a prominent professional. The information I received during the 4 day class has proven to be the BEST educational investment ever. I had taken the NAPLEX once before taking the class and I didn't pass. After taking the NAPLEX the second time I scored 128 and it is all due to Goldie and Ali's dedication, enthusiasm, and their abundant knowledge. Their methods, efforts and teaching skills help students understand and retain all the information needed to become a pharmacist. They enable students to understand the science that goes behind pharmacy makes memorizing the facts so much more facile.
So with that said I would like to thank Goldie and Ali very much for helping me reach a goal I had given up on. I owe you guys!!!

- C.S., San Francisco, California

I highly recommend this class to anyone preparing for the NAPLEX or the CPJE. I graduated in 1980 and hadn't filled a prescription in 13 years; with the help of the clinical crash course from PassNAPLEXNow, I scored a 130 on the NAPLEX and an 89 on the CPJE. The lectures are clear, concise and focus on the key concepts necessary for success. Goldie and Ali make the process as fun as possible. The time just flies. It was certainly worthwhile investment.

- Victor Chirkin, Rancho Cucamonga, California

I am currently a pharmacist in the state of Florida. After failing NAPLEX three times despite review courses and cards, I was referred to Goldie Yavari through a friend; so I flew to southern California and took 5 days of class with Goldie. Not only I passed the boards, I am proud to say I scored 91 which was a lot higher than what I needed to pass. The money I spent for the trip, hotel and private classes was the best investment I have ever made during my 20 years of education. After passing NAPLEX, becoming licensed, and finally getting paid as a pharmacist, the investment paid for itself in a couple of days and the money just keeps coming.

- D.M, Jacksonville, Florida

Thanks again Goldie and Ali: The review class was great and very informative (not to mention it was nice to visit the Anaheim area). I first took the NAPLEX without really studying and scored a 69. I then took the review course which just ended and took the NAPLEX 2 days later and scored an 81 this time. Thanks a bunch. I have a 5 y/o at home and know that there was no way I would really be able to study. I did not even get a chance to study in between your course ending and my test and still passed just by sitting through the class and taking notes. I am currently a FL pharmacist that graduated 9 years ago and now I want to move to TN, and that's why the NAPLEX was required again. Thanks!

- JOHN B., Lakeland, Florida

I moved to California with my family last year. After I took my NAPLEX, I found myself struggling to study for the CPJE because I did not know where to start. I found Ali and Goldie's website and contacted them to see if they can help me with CPJE. They advised me to focus on the clinical part and attend the lectures. It was only a few weeks before the class was about to start, but they were gracious enough to save me a seat in an already full class. I highly recommend this review course to anyone who is taking NAPLEX or CPJE. Their material is up-to-date, concise and clear. I was amazed by how much more I was able to understand the material because of their systematic approach from a general point of view to each disease state. They also made the otherwise dry and boring material fun to learn. Moreover, I was impressed by their dedication by volunteering to stay late to teach us. thank you Goldie and Ali for helping me pass CPJE.

- BL., California

It has been few years since I had taken my board exam and the idea of attempting it again seemed like a daunting task; however Goldie's energy, teaching style and mnemonics made it manageable. I passed with ease. Thanks Goldie.

- Rose Barnes, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I found out about the PassNaplexNow course through my friend, I registered and I did as Dr. Ali said, studied the course book thoroughly before I attended the 4-day class, Practiced calculations and now I passed NAPLEX with a score of 122.

The Course was very helpful and Dr. Ali was very supportive and encouraging. I am thankful to Dr. Ali and Mrs. Goldie for this course.

The best things about this course are.
Makes you understand what you need to know before studying the Drugs (Dr. Ali's Classes).
Mrs. Goldie's classes are very lively and it was easy to remember.
The Materials and Information are up-to date.

- Kayal P., Pennsylvania

Ali and Goldie work magic! What make this course unique is that it truly make sure that you UNDERSTAND PHARMACY. Both Goldie and Ali present the most important material in the most easy-to-listen format. They are always available through email to share their expert opinions. Even though this course is a group session, I felt that I got private tutoring! I passed both NAPLEX and CPJE thanks to this course.

- ST, Los Angeles, California

Pass NAPLEX Now is an exceptional pharmacy review course. Goldie and Ali not only give the most up to date clinical info to you, but have an energetic way of teaching it. I thoroughly enjoyed being in their classes. They don't just teach you, but involve you; they are GREAT !!! I would highly recommend this review course over any other one. They not only helped me build the confidence I needed to take NAPLEX and CPJE, but pass with high scores on BOTH!!! If you are looking for a pharmacy board review course, look no further because these guys are the best.

- Kathleen Carvalho, California

Hello guys,
I would like to thank you sooo much for your help. I finally passed my NAPLEX Your course and most important your continuous follow up and support with quizzes helped me a lot Thank you so much again and keep up the good work

- F.E., Iowa City, Iowa

Hi everyone, I am Mona Bhoot. I wanted everyone to know that these classes are wonderful. I am a foreign graduate and i did fail earlier in my attempt for Naplex. But after i took these classes i was not only confident but i also scored 118. This is after failing in the same exam. These classes helped me a lot. They teach so nicely that while giving my exam i could recall their said words and answer my question. Only reading their books will not be as helpful as hearing them tech. I am so grtaeful to Passnaplexnow. Thankyou so much.

- Mona Bhoot

Dear Goldie and Ali,
I just wanted to write this letter to tell you my successful story and thank you all so much for your Pass NAPLEX Now course. I graduated in May with my PharmD, which was a big accomplishment for me. You see this was a career change for me. For 10+ years I was a stock broker, but decided (with some pushing from my wife) that it was time for a change. After 4+ years (including the pre-requisites) of being away from my wife and 3 children so I could go to school I was happy to graduate. The thought of finally having a paycheck was pretty nice too. When I graduated I took a job with a major retailer. They told us they would give us a NAPLEX review course so we could all get our licenses and start making the big bucks.

Unfortunately the NAPLEX review course did not turn out all that well. It lasted about 2 days, and was rushed through with the reassurance that the NAPLEX was just testing our basic knowledge and that things could be skipped throughout the study material. I followed their advice. BIG MISTAKE!! After almost 5 years of little to no income and my nest egg running out, I was ready for the passing grade the 1st time. WRONG! My first score was a 69. I was devastated. Then after some encouragement from my wife, I searched the web to find another way to study. This time I ordered some flashcards and thought I would do it this way. For the next 3 months I tried to memorize the thousands of cards they sent and their posters and got ready to take the test for a 2nd time.

When the report came back, I was sick to my stomach. My score had actually gone down to a 65 or so. That was back in October, some 5 months after I had graduated, and 5 months after I had expected to have some income coming in. Now I really didn’t know what to do. I had tried memorizing flashcards. I had tried looking at a review book. None of it seemed to work. The next search on the web revealed 2 other options: I could go to a bootcamp for 12 weeks away from everyone except the people running it, and memorize more flashcards, or I could attend the Pass NAPLEX Now course in California for a week.

Honestly, to me neither of them sounded good. Both of them meant I would be away from my family for at least a week, but the California idea sounded better. I have to admit, the course was a little expensive when you include the cost of getting out there, a hotel, and food for the week, but as one of your earlier testimonies said, compared to the cost of the missed income for 3 more months if I failed the test again, it was cheap.

I took your course in December. I received the books a month or so before and tried to study them as best as I could, mixing them with other review books that I already had. I must say that the two of you are incredibly dynamic and good at what you do. I think I learned more in that 1 week spent with you guys than I did in my 4 years at pharmacy school. Each night after the 12 hour days of learning my brain was mush, but it was a good mush. After the course I continued to study the books and take the practice quizzes you emailed every week. I made it my job for the next 3-4 weeks to go to the library and learn this material.

On January 21st, about 1 month after finishing the course, I took the NAPLEX for a 3rd time. This time I felt a lot more comfortable going in. I was confident that I had spent a lot of time learning the material, and was ready for the challenge. I got the results back about a week ago and guess what? I am now a licensed pharmacist in the state of Florida!!!!! I passed the test, raising my score over 20 points. I am so happy to be done with the exam, but so grateful to you and your company for the product that you put out. I now feel a lot more comfortable with my knowledge base and can once again be a provider for my family and start living a normal life again. Thanks again for the encouragement and the teaching and the email quizzes. I know I wouldn’t have been able to pass the exam without you guys, and I would HIGHLY recommend you to anyone who is about to sit for the NAPLEX. I just wish I would have taken your course the 1st time. I could have been a pharmacist 8 months ago.

Thanks again,
Ken M.

- Ken M., Florida

Goldie and Ali, I passed the CPJE back in early January. Thank you so much for the time you spent with us at the review session. The course was a nice boost of confidence I needed to pass the test for the second try. Not only did I pass, but I scored much higher than I did previous (15 pt increase). The course was most useful in the thought process of thinking out questions clinically and key concepts to remember that are usually asked on boards. Even with the short time I had to study before boards Dec-Jan; your course assisted me in passing. Thanks again; truly worth the time and expense.

- Derek Honda, California

Thanks a lot to Dr. Ali & Goldie for their excellent guidance in helping me prepare and pass the Naplex exam!! I feel both Dr. Ali & Goldie are blessed with a unique style of teaching that helped me in revisiting the important principles of pharmacy necessary to pass the board exam and is useful in the day to day pharmacy practice as well.
Dr. Ali's lectures were very concise and informative in understanding the important disease states and Goldie's lectures helped in knowing and memorizing the drugs in a manner that can be easily recalled and be used to answer the questions. Both mentors complement each other really well and provide ongoing support and encouragement even after finishing the live course and always wanted to make sure that my preparation is on track. The quality of the review notes is very good and cover majority of topics for the exam preparation. The follow up quizzes also were useful in re-enforcing the learning of the information discussed during the lectures and in the review material. This review course provides with the all the important tools necessary to pass NAPLEX/CPJE exams.
I strongly believe that passNAPLEXnow course was vital in my success on the exam & I am glad I took this course for my exam preparation.


- Ravi A., Los Banos, California

I am a foreign graduate pharmacist who recently became a Registered Pharmacist thanks to Goldie and Dr. Ali. One of my girlfriend' s who was a foreign graduate pharmacist who is currently working at RR UCLA as Pharmacist, introduced me "Pass NAPLEX Now" and promised that it is the best way to my success. Today, I am confident to give the same advice to all the foreign graduate's pharmacists out there. This course will completely cover the clinical part of FPGEE (you still need to do your own homework for chemistry, biology and math.). I took it once right before my FPGEE exam and passed it successfully from the very first time. I have got many questions that I answered right away with confident b/c Goldie's mnemonics and often repetitions make it impossible to forget some important information. My advice for those who are planning to take this course is to read their books at list twice before taking the class, this way you will get the maximum knowledge b/c the lectures are intense: 12 hours each day.
When the time came for my NAPLEX and CPJE I took their class again. I was surprised how much has been changed. They update the information periodically. They kept sending me posters with updates to keep me updated. Right before the NAPLEX I have decided to take the class again to catch up with updates. And I was right. There was so much new information. I felt that I am taking completely new class. Their books are getting bigger and bigger. I highly recommend "Pass NAPLEX Now" for foreign and local graduates. Goldie and Ali are not there to read the material word from word , but they will explain physiology, labs, other clinical staff, and math. They will make things clear and easy to understand and remember. They create very warm and friendly atmosphere in the class, so the 12 hours basically are not as hard to bear as it suppose to be. I will definitely take this course again later on as a pharmacist just to update my knowledge.

Thank you very much for helping me to achieve my goal.

- Bella G., Los Angeles, California

If you are looking forward to become a better pharmacist then PNN is the way to go. I have been a bright student all my life but my self confidence, my drive, my passion for reaching my Pharmacist goal, all came to a hault when I failed my NAPLEX. I truly thank 2 of my friends who prompted me to join the PNN course. The real credit goes to Ms. Goldie and Dr. Miremadi who have been my solid backbone until I cleared my NAPLEX. Here, the goal is not to gain points for clearing the exam, but they show you the real bright side of the importance of being a better pharmacist and what a good pharmacist can do to make our patients lives easier and better. Once you reach that, scoring good points is just so easy. I cannot exaggerate the amount of hard work, efforts and dedication they give for each individual. In a nutshell, I would say the review material, the quizzes, and most important their motivating words are a complete package to crack this test. Lastly, I heartily thank Ms. Goldie & Dr. Miremadi for everything, all, all from re-enforcing time management values to boosting my self confidence back for successfully passing the test. There's no doubt you both have the power to bring a revolution in today's Pharmacy world. Wish you more success in future!!!

- Jasmine M., Maryland

To Dr. Goldie Yavari and Dr. Ali Miremadi; Hello! How are you two doing? I know everyone is busy, but I hope everyone is doing well in this new year. I just wanted to thank you both for such an awesome review course you have going. Both the material information and support were more than I could ask for. Obviously, you two have been providing many sessions, but I just wanted to say how much I felt you two complimented each other very well and sincerely put your effort to aid each of your students. I really did get a lot out from you classes and information. And most importantly, I felt you two honestly were great people and mentors. Almost miss coming out in the mornings for an intense review session with you two (or maybe not...hahaha). Take care and I hope you continue your program for many others to benefit from!

Sincerely, Scott K

- Scott K., Torrance, California

Hello Ali/Goldie,
Yesssssssssssss, i made it. I just saw my test score now. Thank God, my sincere gratitude goes to both of you. I love you guys, there is no way i could have done it without attending the most amazing review course that i will always recommend as a MUST to any person especially foreign graduate pharmacists who wants to not only pass the Naplex but be a GOOD Pharmacist. It's worth every penny spent. Thank you both... Thank you. God will surely bless you people for the wonderful work you are doing.


- Vincent E., Minneapolis

Hi Doctors Goldie and Ali.
I want to share with you my joy of attaining my dream of having Rph at the end of my name! I passed CPJE 3 days ago and I am overflowing with gratitude for the great help you have given all of us .Thank you so much. In my case, CPJE came out a lot tougher than Naplex but the PassNaplexnow course equipped me with the right weapon to attack the seemingly indefatigable opponent .I wouldn't have made it without both of you.
May God continue to bless you. Please don't get weary helping people like me.
Maria C.

- Maria C., Long Beach, California

Thank you very much to Goldie & Ali. I truly enjoyed the PassNaplexNow course. I had the time of my life learning! It was an amazing opportunity to be able to hear both Goldie & Ali give live pharmacy lectures with great emphasis and repetition. They truly want you to succeed and are interactive and engaging with students. I passed NAPLEX & CPJE on my first try!

- Hillary D., Albany Oregon

Dear Goldie and Dr Ali - I got the results of NAPLEX today and I passed!!I just can't believe it. I am indebted to you for your time and the valuable details you have provided. I read nothing else but your books and lecture notes. I could not have passed without your help. I just blindly followed everything that you mentioned in the training and that worked. I will always remember you guys and thanks again from my whole family!!

- Neena J., Lake Forest, California

Hi Goldie,
Here is my testimonial- Who could have done this better without Dr's Ali and Goldie.I attended PNN in June and I tested in the month of July. I passed with a score of 108. PNN classes just don't get you to pass Naplex, but also it makes you feel well prepared to practice in the field of pharmacy. I encourage anyone who wants to be successful in scoring high in Naplex to attend this course. Again Goldie and Ali,"THANK YOU SO MUCH" for all your wonderful help and making things easier for us to understand when studying for Naplex. Continue with your good work and I miss you guys.

- Ivan N., New Mexico

I would highly recommend Pass Naplex Now to anyone thinking of taking the CPJE or the NAPLEX. Both Goldie and Dr Ali put forth the material in ways that help with long term memory and a greater understanding of the concepts.
- Jyoti

- Jyoti K., California

I passed CPJE.
Dear Goldie and Dr. Ali, I got my CPJE score. I scored 82! Yeah! I took PNN class last July. And I took my naplex and CPJE test in last Oct. Then I took I really a long vacation in China ( that's why I did not get my cpje score until this week).I passed both exams at the first shot with beautiful scores, naplex--125, cpje--82.I'd like to share my happiness with you and say:"Thank you very much! Your amazing lectures gave me a lot of help and encouragements.
Best regards,Y.S

- Y.S., San Jose, California