Our Instructors

We believe that teaching excellence is the key to student success and take great pride in the fact that our teachers are not only NAPLEX® and CPJE experts, but also have expertise in the art of teaching. PNN board review has proven success in the profession.

Our teachers are engaging and interactive in the classroom, they bring life to the material and make your board preparation experience as painless and interesting as possible.

Goldie Yavari Pharm.D

Dr. Yavari Has been teaching pharmacy board review courses since her graduation from USC school of Pharmacy in 2002. She initially started teaching students in a private lesson format and eventually as the number of students grew and due to the increased demand, she changed the format to group lessons. She has helped many students with multiple failed attempts pass the board.

Ali Miremadi M.D

Dr. Miremadi has been involved with PNN board review since 2006. He graduated from UCSF residency program in Family Medicine in 2004 and since then has dedicated his time to teaching students pathophysiology of different disease states and the role of medication in treating them. He is a strong believer in understanding topics in Pharmacy versus just memorizing them. He has played a vital role in teaching students what they need to know in order to be a more knowledgeable, proficient pharmacist, and what they need to know to pass NAPLEX ® and CPJE.