CPJE Law Review Online

The PNN CPJE Law Review is an Online course comprised of 4 hours of video lectures, with an accompanying 51-page CA Law Summary booklet, designed to help you understand, review, and memorize the most important aspects of California pharmacy law and topics specifically geared towards passing the law portion of CPJE. The lectures are divided into 19 sections that can be watched and re-watch until the topics have been mastered. The Clinical portion of CPJE is covered in our Clinical Pharmacy course and this CA Law review covers ONLY the Law portion of CPJE. 

This valuable tool to prepare you for the Law portion of CPJE includes:

  • 4 hours of Online Law lectures
  • 51-page CA Law summary booklet accompanying the lectures
  • 12-month On-line access

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Course Title
CPJE Law Review Online
12 months